Weight Watchers Works

by Megan
(Minneapolis, MN)

I have used the Weight Watchers program twice in my life and have experienced two very different results. The first time was the summer after my freshman year in college. After gaining the "Freshman 15" and then some, I knew I needed to do something to manage my weight.

I attended a Weight Watchers meeting, and followed the plan. I kept track of my points. The best part for me was attending the meetings. I was rewarded and acknowledged for the progress I made. Also, our leader had new recipes for us to try every week and I really learned about nutrition, something I never really thought about before.

The great thing about the Weight Watchers program is that you're supposed to (and encouraged) to eat while you are dieting! It's more about portion control and choosing the right kinds of food. Everyone has a different amount of points, and you can really allocate them the way you want to eat. There is still room for some treats, so it makes it less likely for you to give up.

That summer I lost about 15 pounds and was extremely happy with myself. This past year, I tried the Weight Watchers diet plan again, only this time by keeping track of points myself instead of going to the meetings. I felt really unmotivated and don't think I lost any weight. I kept having days where I would track well and others where I wouldn't track at all.

So I think that overall, Weight Watchers is a great program, but you must commit fully and attend the meetings to see results.

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