Weight Watchers Worked With Parental Controls, But Not When Going Solo.

by Mary
(Orange, CA)

The first time I tried Weight Watchers, I was 15. At that time, my mother and father did all of the cooking and controlled the food I ate as a teenager. So, I did in fact lose weight and went from 165 pounds to 130 pounds in close to a year.

The Weight Watchers diet was easy to follow as my parents insisted that I follow it. I had no choice but to follow it.

I wasn't overly hungry but had to reduce the consumption of foods that I liked to eat. I could not eat fried shrimp but had to eat broiled fish instead. I could not eat the bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches my father and sister ate and instead had to eat liver one day a week, something that I resented. I ate at restaurants but had to follow the dietary restrictions of the program. I went off the diet for special times like birthdays, etc. but heard from my parents when I did so.

I didn't like the Weight Watchers program and having to go to all the meetings. I never wanted to return to it again. I successfully kept off most of the weight for quite awhile but as I reached my 30s, I ended up gaining a lot of weight after the death of both parents. A friend coaxed me to try the Weight Watchers diet again as she wanted someone to do it with her.

This time I was in only a few months and hated it. I disliked going to the meetings and weighing in, disliked the competition with my friend who was losing more than I was at the time and also disliked having to pay out so much money for a program that I did not like. I am now a lot heavier and am wondering what to do to lose weight other than the Weight Watchers plan.

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