Weight Watchers Worked for Me

by Jim
(Honolulu, HI)

I started Weight Watchers one week before Thanksgiving. Friends and family said I was crazy to start it at that time of the year, but I did it anyways. I started my journey at 380 pounds.

Some of the points they emphasized leading up to Thanksgiving was Thanksgiving day is not a day of eating, but a day of family. Enjoy the company of family and friends, but don’t eat everything in sight. So that’s what I did. I enjoyed my family and friends, but was conscious about portions. They also talked about how the two most important bites of any food is the first and the last. Any more than that is excess.

I also committed myself completely to the Weight Watchers program. I purchased the smoothies, and blended frozen fruits in the morning with skim milk for a filling 6-8 point breakfast. Lunch was also easy. I ate Weight Watchers Smart Ones, added fresh mushrooms to almost everything to make the meal more filling, and ate a bag of fat-free popcorn.

For dinner, I ate a lot of vegetables, cut out rice, and used my palm as a gauge for meat. And for desert, I used a measuring cup, and ate a cup of ice cream most nights.

On the nights that we went out, I ask our server to put half of my meal in a takeout box, and bring me just half. If I was full, I’d pass my utensils to someone so I wouldn’t keep eating. I’d read food labels with my slide scale to determine how many points a serving was.

I had my Weight Watchers eating out guide so if we were going to restaurants, I’d have a sense of what foods were what points. Dottie’s Weight Loss Zone was a tremendous resource, with all of the restaurants listed on there.

I also looked forward to being recognized by the leader at my Weight Watchers meetings when I’d lose 5 pounds. The people were supportive and encouraging. They also offered great advice like treat my point system like a checking account, and if I had a function at night, save my points to "spend it later".

It was good to hear ideas from members of my Weight Watchers group. I was the member who shared about adding vegetables to the Weight Watchers Smart Ones to make it more filling.

By the time I left the Weight Watchers program, some 18 months later, my weight was about 250lbs. So, when anybody tells me that Weight Watchers doesn’t work, my response to them is "maybe not for you, but it sure did for me".

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