Weight Watchers - Permanent Lifestyle Change Required

by Bobbie
(St. Louis, MO, USA)

I went on the Weight Watchers diet program a couple of years ago and met with pretty good success. The point system was wonderful because it gave me the flexibility to choose what I ate and how much I ate while still helping me keep track of calories.

The Weight Watchers diet was kind of cumbersome when I would go out to eat at restaurants because I had to pull out my sliding scale and look at the nutrition information and figure out the number of points. However, the good thing was that many restaurants already had the Weight Watchers point values on their menu!

Even though the Weight Watchers program was tricky for eating out, it was no trickier than any other diet would be. Eating out is just difficult to do when you are trying to be healthy since there are so many hidden calories in seemingly healthy foods.

While I did have great success with the Weight Watchers diet plan, I moved and stopped using the system. The disruption in my circumstances caused me to go back to my original bad eating habits. Not only did I gain back all of the weight that I lost, but I gained some additional weight as well.

I have seen numerous friends who have stuck to the Weight Watchers program who have kept the weight off for years. The diet definitely works, but it requires commitment beyond the initial shedding of pounds in order to keep working - even if you don't have any weight left to lose.

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