The Zone Diet Was Not For Me

by Beth

I started the Zone diet last year when I noticed that I was putting back on most of the weight I had lost after my daughter was born. When your youngest is four the excuse 'it's just baby weight' doesn't really work anymore.

I decided to try the Zone diet plan because I liked the idea of eating foods to give you real energy, not just a sugar high. I also liked that it claimed to cut your risk of certain common diseases.

The Zone diet program consisted of eating a diet that is part protein, part healthy fats, and part carbs. I stayed on the Zone diet for about four months. I don't know if that is a fair amount of time to give to a diet but that was all I was able to stand.

It got so tiring always making sure that you were eating the right amount of the three main foods. It was really frustrating when I would go out with friends and I couldn't just look and see how many calories there were, but had to figure out the protein and the fat and carbs.

It was difficult and annoying to constantly be asking myself if I ate too much meat that day or got too much fat. The Zone diet even states that certain 'healthy' foods like carrots and bananas are not good choices for this diet. This seemed crazy to me.

While I did lose weight while I was on the Zone diet plan, it was too difficult to stick to. Because of this, I found myself constantly not sticking to it like I should have.

You really need a lifestyle change if you want to lose weight and not a fad diet that is not possible to stick to in the long run. I do not recommend the Zone diet plan.

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