The Weight Watchers Diet Worked For A While

by Erica

I went on the Weight Watchers diet about 10 years ago. It was when their diet was based on their points system, although I've heard that it's changed quite a bit.

I lost nearly 50 pounds in less than a year by sticking to the Weight Watchers diet plan. I felt like I could eat a wide variety of foods and was never frustrated by something being "off limits." I would try to plan out my meals and snacks early in the day so I didn't have to think about it later, when I got hungry.

In the beginning of my Weight Watchers diet, I did feel hungry a lot because I wasn't eating as much as I used to. That effect went away pretty quickly. I planned my points carefully so I could have dessert every day. I remember how much I looked forward to my one serving of ice cream at night!

Over time, I became frustrated with the Weight Watchers diet program and the constant counting of points for everything I ate. I think that most overweight people are overweight because they have an unhealthy relationship with food. We put too much emphasis on food when it's only purpose is to nourish us, not to make us happy.

On Weight Watchers, I felt that I was thinking about food much more than I used to. I was almost to the point of being obsessed with it because I had to think about it and plan for it all day long. When I did eat out, I would have to look up the point value and decide what I was going to eat before I left the house.

After about a year and a half, I stopped attending Weight Watchers meetings and counting points. I had gained all of that weight back, but it did happen gradually over time.

I went back on the Weight Watchers diet plan again about 3 years ago and only made it to 2 meetings. What I did find out is that they have a new diet program that lists certain foods that you can eat and other foods that you can't eat.

No points. No counting. Just a simple "eat this, not that" concept. I think that type of plan would work much better for me, although I haven't gone back to Weight Watchers to try it.

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