The TRUE Treadmill 500

by Mary
(Berlin, PA)

I have owned the TRUE 500 Soft System Treadmill for several years. I am a runner and had decided to train for my first marathon. I live in the mountains of western Pennsylvania where the winters are very cold and snowy. Usually I prefer to run outside but the treadmill is a great alternative in some situations.

I use my TRUE Treadmill 500 when the weather is really cold and windy. Also when there is too much snow and the roads are not plowed yet, I choose the treadmill.

The TRUE treadmill has a very forgiving surface to run on. I feel that this gives my legs a break from pounding on the roads. I have also found that the treadmill is a great way to do speed work. This treadmill changes speed quickly allowing me to do speed intervals easily.

The TRUE Treadmill 500 can incline up to 15%. This is very helpful as I live in a very hilly area and can continue to train for the hills when I am using the treadmill.

I was training for a race in California that I knew had a long a hill climb of 9-13% incline. I was able to set the treadmill for this incline and practice the climb. I have run on the treadmill for over 2 hours at a time while training for a marathon. The treadmill has never overheated or had any problems.

The TRUE Treadmill 500 is very easy to maintain. There is a waxy substance that you put under the belt every six months. Other than that my treadmill has required no further care. I’ve been extremely happy with this treadmill.

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