The NutriSystem Diet Is Good But Could Be Better

by Trina
(Memphis, TN USA)

I was on the NutriSystem diet for about 2 months before I quit using it. It started off alright with an exception of a few meals that weren't so yummy - the muffins were the worst!

I really like some of the NutriSystem meals such as the breakfast burritos, steak and cheese melt, and the turkey pepperoni pizza. I liked having the meals set out for me in appropriate portions which did help me lose 13lbs. The meals came in a timely manner and it was nice having them shipped to my doorstep. So that was a plus for me. Some meals left me still hungry, but for the most part I was pretty satisfied at the end of each meal.

After a few weeks on the I NutriSystem diet, I started longing for something more than the foods I was eating on the plan. When I started choosing meals outside of the plan I started to gain some of the weight back. The meals on the plan were also starting to get too expensive for me to continue purchasing. I was also disappointed in them sending me meals I didn't order because they were out of the ones I ordered. I expected to get what I asked for since I was paying good money for the program.

I think the NutriSystem diet could work if they had more flexibility with eating the packaged meals on the plan and foods that aren't on the plan. Also, one of my complaints is that the meals have too much sodium for me. I don't understand how you can try to become a healthier person and still consume so much sodium, and run the risk of getting high blood pressure in the process.

Overall I don't think anyone could last a lifetime on the NutriSystem diet. I wouldn't recommend that anyone waste their time with a short term solution like this.

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