The NordicTrack Elliptical Trainer Is The Best

by Rachael
(Brighton, CO USA)

My husband and I purchased a NordicTrack Elliptical machine two years ago. It has been the best investment in our health we could have ever made.

I absolutely love the NordicTrack Elliptical Trainer we have. It runs smoothly, and offers a variety of programs to help me get the workout I want. There is a variety of resistance levels, as well as a variety of inclines to target specific muscles while I work out. Our NordicTrack elliptical machine also offers an "I-trainer" which is a little memory card which can be inserted into the machine to track the progress of my workouts, as well as offer verbal encouragement when I need to pick up my pace or slow down.

Our NordicTrack Elliptical Trainer also has a connection for my iPod, where I can plug it in and listen to my music through the speakers directly on the elliptical. I have the option to use the stationary handles for my arms, or to include my arms in the workout. There are also sensors to place my hands on to measure my heart rate while I exercise.

I have to say that the NordicTrack Elliptical Trainer is the best piece of workout equipment I have ever owned. While sometimes my workouts become more sporadic, and I may go a few weeks without using the elliptical machine, I eventually get back into the swing of my workouts. I will never get rid of our elliptical machine, and highly recommend it to others who are interested in purchasing a great piece of cardio equipment!

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