The Glycemic Diet, Why it Didn't Work For Me

by Tracy
(Blaine, TN)

I was always very thin. Even after I had my children I found that I lost the weight easily. Not because I went on a diet or exercised, I was just lucky to burn through all the bad foods I was eating quickly.

Well suddenly when I turned thirty that all started to change. I first went up one size and then another. I thought wow, this is not stopping. I have always been a really unhealthy eater. Once I got up several sizes from my starting point I decided to try a diet.

I chose the Glycemic Diet and disliked it for several reasons. First, it is a pain to try to always figure out where all your foods rate on the index that you have to use for this low glycemic diet. Each food is awarded points based on where it is in the glycemic index and you need to eat ones that are low. It was a huge pain.

While I followed the Glycemic Diet plan close for over a month, I found that I did lose weight. So it does work if you are willing to stick to it. One nice thing is that you don't need to buy anything special or eat pre-made food while on the Glycemic Diet.

I just found it to be more trouble than it was worth. Plus, it does not add into account exercise or actually changing habits or showing you how to be healthy.

The Glycemic Index Diet plan is not a difficult diet if you don't mind cutting out a lot of foods, this was my problem. I ended up losing weight the good old fashioned way, burning more calories than I was consuming.

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