The Atkins Diet Plan Works

by Deb
(Virginia Beach, VA)

I tried the Atkins diet about 10 years ago and lost a little over 50 pounds in 3 months. While on the plan, I walked each day for 1 hour and I stayed on the Induction Phase for approximately 8 weeks before moving on to the rest of the phases of the diet program.

The initial weight loss was phenomenal and I became a walking Atkins diet evangelist. In the 10 years since this initial experience, I have gained back about half the weight that I lost. For the first two or three years after my initial Atkins experience, I found myself having to go back through the Induction Phase several times while maintaining my exercise routine to keep the weight gain at bay.

The problem for me with the Atkins program was the restrictive diet regime that I found myself constantly going through, particularly with induction, to maintain the weight loss over the long haul. Induction is very hard - make no bones about it. And for someone like me with a busy schedule, a career and three children to raise as a single mom, the Atkins diet plan was much too great considering all the other things I had on my plate.

In addition, the cost to maintain the diet was prohibitive as I found myself having to rely on Atkins shakes, bars and prepared food products to supplement my meals for times when I simply didn't have the time to cook and prepare the meals from scratch.

I've been more successful in the past five years by simply abandoning most of the Atkins diet plan and sticking to very simple rules - exercise daily, drink plenty of water, eat only half of what I get when I eat meals in restaurants, use a smaller salad plate instead of a larger dinner plate at home to help maintain portions and don't eat after 7pm unless it's a very light snack.

For a busy 43 year old single mom with a career, three children, and a long commute each day to work, these simple rules keep me in great shape. And I feel healthier as I'm not constantly on the yo-yo diet regime that Atkins had become for me based on my lifestyle and nutritional needs.

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