The Atkins Diet Plan Worked For Me At First

by Joseph Johnson
(Plantersville, Alabama, USA)

I heard about the Atkins Diet Plan from a family member that was trying it out, and she thought it was absolutely wonderful. I went out and got a book on it, browsed through it and decided to give it a shot.

I bought my items I wanted for the Atkins Diet. Low carb meals, low carb snacks, and items to prepare my own meals. I had trouble at first finding the ketosticks, but had to special order them after that, and just let them know when I needed more.

I tried the Atkins Diet Plan for about a year, and noticed results. My body weight was down; my energy level was higher than before. I would start in the morning with an egg substitute, like egg beaters. For lunch I'd find some low carb meal I had purchased and only focused on the low carb aspect of it. For my dinner, I would prepare a low carb meal with meat (protein) and some vegetables. I would take a break from what I was doing during the day, usually at night after work, and go jogging or work out with my home gym.

I really got into the spirit of things when I noticed my weight going down. I felt better about myself as a whole, I looked better as well. I would use sugar substitutes in almost everything; I drank sugar free kool-aid and things of the like. Basically I wasn't putting what I used to into my body, i.e. carbs.

After a while of feeling wonderful, I noticed a decline in my energy, I felt heavy, even though I was not. I don't know if that's due to the body not getting what it really needs, good carbs, but that was after a year or so on the Atkins Diet.

The positive things about doing the Atkins Diet Plan for me were: It got me off sugars; to this day I still watch my sugar intake. It has me watching what I eat more carefully, and because of it I do eat healthier.

The negative things about doing Atkins for me were: It gave me bad bowel movements and gas after a few months. I did feel wonderful, but that energy from the morning was soon used up and I felt lethargic. Maybe I went to fast with it, I don't know. My cholesterol did go up a tiny bit; my blood pressure went up somewhat as well.

After I got to where I wanted to be, a lot of my weight came back, I guess because my body needed to stay in ketosis, I'm not sure. After my body got out of ketosis, I tried to eat healthier, not really paying attention to carb intake, except to note that it wasn't as "carbie" as before. My weight came back, and at a decent pace, I felt more bloated than before, I felt my energy drained.

I soon decided to get back on the Atkins Diet Plan and had the same results as before - quick weight loss and my cravings for "carbie" things went down. I stayed on Atkins for another few months, with the quick results, and noticed negative impacts faster than before. I guess it was easier for my body to get back into ketosis and use up what it needed.

So all in all, my thoughts on the Atkins Diet are that it’s a quick weight loss scheme, that doesn't last. You are better off checking out some other diets that makes you eat balanced meals for your caloric intake requirements.

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