The Ab Roller Doesn't Work

by Miguel Prsdo

When I was about 16 years old, I used the ab roller machine, thinking that it would really help me develop my abs. If anything the only thing that the ab roller helped me get was back pains, and no ab results.

I used the ab roller for a good 6 months and I didn't see any results. The ab roller guide explained that it was easy to use and worked great. This ab machine was not easy to use, I could barely go down once, and it strained my back.

I was always in pretty good shape. I had a flat stomach, so all I really wanted was to develop and define my abs. I even tried making my own workout program using the ab roller but still had no results. Also what got me mad about the ab roller was that no matter how much I used it my abs were never soar the next day, the only thing that would get soar was my lower back.

The ab roller machine did not help me grow stronger physically or mentally, basically it was just a waste of money. I was even eating the right foods. I laid off all the junk food and drinking soda, I was eating very healthy but still had no results.

After using the ab roller machine, it got to the point when I had to stop using it because I was getting a lot of back problems. I even had to go to the doctor and they recommended that I stopped using it. Ever since I stopped using the ab machine my back pains went away.

I do not use the ab roller anymore and I will never use it again in the future. Basically, it doesn't work and it injured my lower back. I wouldn't recommend you use this ab machine especially if you're young because it really did injure me and I didn't get any results.

My advice to anyone who wants to use the ab roller machine is that you'll be better off just sticking to a good cardio workout, eating right and sticking to crunches, sit-ups and other ab exercises.

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