The Ab Pavelizer II Provides Great Results

If you are a kettlebell enthusiast who has wondered about the efficacy of the strange looking apparatus called the Ab Pavelizer II, I am here to report that this simple looking device is absolutely effective at teaching you to link your abdominal muscles to your posterior chain. This device provides cues and resistance that encourage you to engage your posterior chain, thereby reducing or removing the involvement of the hip flexors.

Many abdominal exercises, including the venerable foot anchored sit-up, have such great hip flexor involvement that the abdominals are barely utilized. Additionally, this hip flexor involvement can contribute to a situation where the lower spine is literally pulled in two different directions as the hip flexors try to extend the lower back at the same time that the abdominals attempt to flex the same region of the spine.

That's the theory behind the device. In practice, the Ab Pavelizer II assists trainees in performing a Janda sit up against resistance. This simple looking exercise, if performed with a pressurized and tensed midsection, is capable of producing intensely targeted effort in the abs. A strict set of five reps is absolutely capable of "frying" a trainee's abdominals to the point where the trainee will be gasping in pain trying to recover!

The abdominal strength and increased tonus will definitely help to balance out a spine that is being subjected to heavy lower body movements like barbell dead lifts and back squats. Front squats will also benefit from increased ab strength as well.

Even if you are far from being interested in a ripped six pack, you may want to consider the Ab Pavelizer II purely for its ability to increase poundage in the very beneficial exercises mentioned previously.

Good luck!

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