South Beach Diet Worked With Lasting Results

by Shelly R

Growing up, there often was not enough food to go around and I often went to bed hungry. As an adult, I had access to enough food to fill me and therefore overate and wound up obese.

I had tried multiple diets and although many began to work, I absolutely cannot tolerate feeling hungry after eating. The South Beach Diet worked very well for me since, as long as I chose the proper foods, I could eat until full and still lose weight.

The South Beach Diet program is designed to reset your metabolism so it uses food properly as many overweight people unknowingly suffer from insulin resistance which causes excess weight gain.

During the first two week period, you eat plenty of fresh vegetables, lean meats and lean dairy. You are not allowed ANY carbohydrates or fruits during this time. Although it was very difficult the first 2-3 days to refrain from these, the cravings were so intense; however, as promised, the cravings suddenly ended and temptation was gone.

After the first two weeks on the South Beach Diet plan, you can slowly add complex carbohydrates with high fiber content as well as a few fruits low on the glycemic index. Personally, as I know I have very low willpower, I stayed on Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet for several months, and easily continued to lose weight.

When I did begin adding carbohydrate foods, I added no more than one per week and was very strict with the amounts and frequency with which I ate them. Whenever I did add carbohydrates, I made sure to add natural fats to them, like real butter, which is recommended in the South Beach Diet book.

I strictly followed Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the South Beach Diet for a total of 6 or 7 months and easily lost 50 pounds without any added exercise.

For the past 6 years I have maintained that weight (outside of being pregnant and still having 6 pounds of pregnancy weight to lose). I intend on restarting the South Beach Diet program again in the near future to continue my weight loss journey to better health.

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