South Beach Diet Made Me Feel Healthier

by Felicity
(Albany, NY)

I tried the South Beach diet. I was on it for about 6 months. It was simple, but hard because of the temptation of foods I was not supposed to be eating; although that could have been because of my emotional eating problems and less about the South Beach diet itself.

When I got into it, it was easy for me to stick to for some weeks, and some weeks, in which I was experiencing emotional turmoil, were harder (but again, emotional eater here). I was never hungry, the diet doesn’t really allow for that, but I did crave certain foods.

I could eat many foods that I liked, lean meats and vegetables, nuts and cheeses, there were many options. There were no special foods to buy with the South Beach diet, everything was easily found in the normal grocery store. When prepared correctly, the food was excellent: grilled chicken, roasted vegetables, parmesan crusted fish, fresh salsa with pita chips.

I was able to eat at restaurants, although occasionally I had to bend the rules of the diet a bit, but not drastically. I did follow the diet for Thanksgiving, which was pretty easy, lots of turkey and vegetable side dishes. But for Christmas I didn't worry about it much, and took a "day off" from the diet.

I would definitely use the South Beach diet again! And totally recommend it. My advice is to read the book and really understand what it’s saying, maybe even read it twice (I did).

I did feel much healthier and the mental fog that usually plagues me lifted and my energy levels were great. Also, it did result in quick weight loss. The reason I failed on the South Beach diet was because of my emotional eating problems, and not the diet itself.

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