Sole F63 Treadmill Review...Find Out If It's Your Best Choice

The Internet is full of Sole F63 Treadmill reviews from fitness experts and home users. For your convenience, I've collected the most valuable information about Sole treadmills to help you decide if this is the best choice for you.

This comprehensive review will provide helpful information about the Sole Treadmill F63 features, along with positive and negative aspects that have been reported by various users. This review will help you make an informed and educated decision about the Sole treadmill.

Sole F63 Treadmill Features and Specifications

  • 2.5-horsepower, continuous-duty motor.
  • Phenolic shock-absorption system with 1" thickness.
  • Entire unit measures 33" wide x 75" deep.
  • Deck measures 20" wide x 55" deep.
  • Weighs 245 pounds.
  • 325 pound capacity.

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  • Steel welded frames and steel flywheel for increased stability.
  • Easy Assist folding deck design allows you to release the deck and watch as it unfolds itself.
  • Two cooling fans built into the console.
  • Integrated sound system with MP3 hookup and speakers.
  • 6.5" LCD display monitor and message window includes windows for speed, distance, time, incline, pulse, pace, and calories burned.
  • Six predetermined workout programs and two customizable workouts.
  • Speed range: 1-10 mph
  • Incline range: 0-15%
  • Lifetime warranty on motor and frame, 3 year warranty on deck, belt, rollers, and electronic components, 1 year warranty on labor.
  • List price: $1899
  • Amazon price: $999

Sole F63 Treadmill Pros

Sole treadmills carry the reputation of being low maintenance and durable, and the Sole F63 model provides steel construction with a solid warranty with responsive customer support.

The LCD display is vibrant and clear. The visual track offered is fun to watch and provides extra motivation. The controls are easy to use, and shortcut controls on the side rails allow for easy accessibility.

The price is reasonable considering how many extra features are included. The quality of the treadmill is comparable to other treadmills in this price range on the market.

Sole F63 Treadmill Cons

Sole treadmill reviews note that the treadmill is large and heavy at 245 pounds. The Easy Access folding design allows for the deck to fold up, however the treadmill remains very bulky when folded and is difficult to move or stow out of the way.

The cup holders and the pulse readers are placed very low and can be awkward to access, even for shorter users. The pulse readers aren’t always accurate, and the treadmill doesn’t offer exercise programs that are heart rate controlled. The chest strap that comes with the treadmill is much more accurate than the hand pulse readers.

Program settings are not saved when the treadmill is turned off. It saves the personalized settings when set to sleep mode, however this doesn't eliminate the risk of a power surge.

Sole F63 Treadmill Reviews

This Sole Treadmill F63 demonstrates the company's continued dedication to providing treadmills with high-quality construction, multiple helpful features, and affordability. One user among various treadmill reviews available online claimed to have his Sole Treadmill F63 for three years after daily use at over 8mph. The machine feels sturdy while in use and offers a variety of additional features.

The LCD display is bright and easy to read. The programs included are challenging and fun, especially when using the visual track feature. Cooling fans and an MP3 sound system add additional comfort and can be very helpful when trying to get through a tough home workout.

Sole treadmill reviews all indicate that this is a great buy at this price range. The Sole Treadmill F63 is among the lower-priced models available from Sole but still carries the reliability of a high-quality treadmill at prices that compare to models made by less reputable manufacturers.

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