Smooth 925 Treadmill Review. Get The Information You Need Before Making Your Purchase.

With so many Smooth 925 Treadmill reviews available, it can be hard to figure out which ones you should read and which ones you should skip. I have solved that problem for you by compiling all of the best information from those other reviews into this one consolidated review.

I have added a list of pros and cons in addition to the features that come standard on the Smooth Treadmill 925. At the end of the review I include my recommendation of whether to buy this treadmill or not.

Smooth 925 Treadmill Features and Specifications

  • Motor Size: 3.5 hp continuous duty.

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  • Running Surface: 20" x 62".

  • Maximum Speed: up to 12.5 mph.

  • Folding: Yes.

  • Heart Rate: Yes.

  • Features: Power assist folding, wireless heart rate control, quiet motor.

  • Warranty: Lifetime motor, lifetime frame, 5 years parts, 1 year in home labor.

Smooth 925 Treadmill Pros

One of the best ways to determine if a treadmill is going to be durable or not is to look at the motor, as well as the warranty. If the treadmill has a good warranty, it is likely that it will be pretty durable. Not many companies would put out a cheap product and then offer a great warranty with it. They would end up spending a great deal of time and money on numerous repairs. Typically, good treadmills have good warranties because the company is confident that the product was well-constructed.

For the price, the motor on this treadmill is great. 3.5 hp is about one horsepower above other similar models in this price range. The extra horse power is nice to have if you use your treadmill on a frequent basis. If you are going to run a lot, the Smooth Treadmill 925 is for you.

Smooth 925 Treadmill Cons

The Smooth Treadmill 925 doesn't have wireless heart rate monitoring. This isn't a huge issue, but for the price you would expect something like that to be included on this treadmill.

The folding is good, but it isn't of much use. The treadmill is still heavy and difficult to move even when it is folded. The folding feature usually helps if you want to put the treadmill in storage easily or do not want it taking up a lot of space in the room you have it in.

Smooth Treadmill 925 Reviews

The Smooth Treadmill 925 is a wonderful choice for the price. The warranty means that it will be durable for many years to come, which is something that I personally look for in any big ticket item that I buy.

The fact that this model actually comes with this warranty for free makes it even better. This way, you do not have to purchase an extended warranty plan to go with this treadmill...which makes this purchase even more affordable.

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