Smooth 625 Treadmill Review. Read This Thorough Review Before Purchasing Your Treadmill.

Out of all the Smooth 625 Treadmill reviews that are available for viewing, this one will be the most helpful to you as a casual customer. If you are not familiar with this treadmill or its functions, that's okay! I have listed the features and specifications for the treadmill in this review as well as the price.

I have also compiled a complete list of pros and cons for this treadmill model and a recommendation of whether or not I think this treadmill is a good buy. Hopefully this will assist you in your decision whether to buy or to pass on the Smooth Treadmill 625 model.

Smooth 625 Treadmill Features and Specifications

  • Price: $1399.

  • Motor: 2.75 HP.

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  • Speed: 0.5-10 MPH.

  • Incline: 0-15%.

  • Tread Belt: 20 x 54".

  • Folding: Yes.

  • Heart Rate Monitor: Yes - Hand Grip.

  • Warranty: Lifetime Frame and Motor, 5 Years on Parts, 1 year on Labor.

Smooth 625 Treadmill Pros

The Smooth Treadmill 625 has a great warranty. A lifetime on the frame and the motor basically means a lifetime of use. These are the parts that break down most often on treadmills. When you are using a treadmill for a lot of running, the motor is usually the first thing to break down. A lifetime replacement for that part is worth the price of the treadmill alone.

The large running area is perfect for walking, jogging, or even running. Most treadmills have too small of a tread, instead of one that is large enough to run on. That issue is not a problem with this Smooth treadmill model.

Smooth 625 Treadmill Cons

There are not a great deal of issues with the Smooth Treadmill 625. The main problem is that the 2.75 hp motor is not as large or powerful as most of the motors on treadmills for this price. This motor is adequate, but you can get a bigger motor for the same price elsewhere.

This is an expensive treadmill. There are many on the market that have similar features and cost much less. It starts off at 0.5 mph as well, which is not as good as a treadmill that would start at 0.1 mph. This means that when you start using the treadmill, you are already working pretty hard instead of ramping up to the desired speed.

Smooth Treadmill 625 Reviews

The Smooth Treadmill 625 is a great choice for the price. The warranty alone would make it great for this price range. The lack of programming is made up for by the extensive manual entry mode and large running surface. These two features make this ideal for setting up your own custom program for yourself or following one that you may have found on the Internet.

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