Smooth 545 Treadmill Review. Wondering If It's Your Best Choice? Read This Thorough
Treadmill Review First.

With so many Smooth 545 Treadmill reviews available, how are you to distinguish the good ones from the bad ones? If you are reading this, then you won't need to make that distinction any longer. This is your first and last stop for a Smooth Treadmill 545 review.

I have compiled for you a list of the specifications and features that come standard on the system. In addition, there is a complete review of this treadmill and a list of pros and cons of the system as I see it. Other reviews may simply state whether to buy the item or not to buy the item, but in this treadmill review I strive to give you something more. I want to tell you why this treadmill is worth buying or why it is not worth buying with a detailed explanation.

Smooth 545 Treadmill Features and Specifications

  • 2.5-horsepower, continuous-duty motor.

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  • 2 speaker stereo system.

  • Running surface is 20" x 55".

  • Belt is double woven 2 ply.

  • 275 pound capacity.

  • Speed range: 0.6-10 mph.

  • Incline range: 15 levels.

  • List price: $996.84

Smooth 545 Treadmill Pros

This unit has a few advantages over the Smooth treadmills that came before it in the same line. The chief among these is the fact that they have added a stereo system to the unit. This stereo system isn't the best system in the world, but anything is an improvement over nothing.

The electronics of the Smooth Treadmill 545 are good. Though the display is not the best, it has a lot of good programming. I found six standard programs that come with all of the Smooth treadmills and it has the option for up to nine user created and stored programs. This is especially nice if there are multiple users of the treadmill.

Smooth 545 Treadmill Cons

Though the specifications state that the system goes up to 15 levels in terms of incline, I have found that this equates to a maximum of about 8% incline. This is almost like a trick on the part of the manufacturer.

The LCD display that comes standard on the Smooth Treadmill 545 is small and hard to read. It is also in black and white and uses the type of electronic ink that older calculators used, meaning that in bad light it can be hard to read. LCD may not even be the correct term for what it is, since there is no real back light available for the unit at all to begin with.

Smooth 545 Treadmill Reviews

The Smooth Treadmill 545 may not be what you are looking for in a new treadmill. The price is good, but the system is plagued with problems. Perusing the Amazon page for it will quickly return reviews that talk about mechanical problems and electronic problems that the manufacturer either ignores or refuses to fix.

This type of poor customer service is not something that one would have come to expect from any company these days. Since there are tons of alternatives available from companies that have good reputations for customer service and better features, there is no question that you should probably look elsewhere to spend your hard earned money on a treadmill.

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