Smooth 525 Treadmill Review. If You're Considering This Smooth Treadmill...Read This Review First To Decide If It's Your Best Choice.

The issue that many people have with Smooth 525 Treadmill reviews is that there are simply too many of them available. This makes it difficult to decide what information to follow and what information not to follow. I have solved that problem for you by compiling a full list of pros and cons in addition to a complete review and a list of features for the Smooth Treadmill 525.

All of this information has been arranged in order on this page beginning with the specifications and following through to the pros and cons. Toward the end I have written up a review that sums up the important points and will provide a short commentary on whether or not I believe this particular treadmill is worth buying or not.

Smooth 525 Treadmill Features and Specifications

  • 2.5-horsepower, continuous-duty motor.

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  • Cushion deck running surface with whisper.

  • Running surface is 20" x 53".

  • Folding is available.

  • 300 pound capacity.

  • Speed range: 0.5-10 mph.

  • Incline range: 0-12%.

  • Six preset programs are standard with the system.

Smooth 525 Treadmill Pros

In comparison with the lower end Smooth 515 Treadmill, this unit has a larger running deck. It is not too much larger, adding just two extra inches, but it is something. In addition to this pro, they also added a folding feature. These are really the only two things that Smooth decided to change over the previous model. This is a pro, but it is not much of one. What was the point of adding a mere two inches to the system, that does not add much square footage at all. It is hardly noticeable, especially if you don't typically run on the edges of your treadmill to begin with.

There are six preset programs that come standard on the treadmill. These include a quick start manual program, a weight loss program, interval programs for both interval speed and interval incline, a 5k self learning and directed program, a heart rate control program, and a competition program. This is very useful for those of you who wish to have others direct your training schedule for you.

Smooth 525 Treadmill Cons

A 2.5 horsepower motor is relatively weak for a treadmill. Most other treadmills of comparable price will have at least a 3.0 horsepower motor, if not a 3.5 horsepower motor. This means that you are paying the same price for less power.

The Smooth Treadmill 525 does not come with any frills. There are no fancy heart rate monitors or sensors that come with this unit and the system does not have a lot of extras, such as fans or speakers. No MP3 support either. In addition, there are no drink holders on the unit itself, though I believe that they can be purchased separately.

Smooth 525 Treadmill Reviews

The Smooth Treadmill 525 is a bargain for the price, but might not be worth spending the extra money over the Smooth 515 model. Virtually no changes were made other than the fact that this one folds and has a slightly (literally two inches) larger running surface.

To be honest, I wouldn't purchase this treadmill. There is nothing that is truly wrong with it, but since it really made no improvements over its predecessor, there is no point spending the extra money. The only time I would get this is if I was itching to get my hands on a folding treadmill.

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