Schwinn Recumbent Exercise Bikes Rock

by Megan
(Massachusetts, USA)

I regularly use a Schwinn Active series recumbent exercise bike. It's a really great tool in my weight loss/weight management routines.

This Schwinn recumbent exercise bike has a number of programs at different challenge levels, as well as manual and interval training programs. It monitors my heart rate and calculates the "distance" I rode. It even calculates calories burned. I know those calorie burning programs are pretty much guess work, but it's positive reinforcement for me.

Since starting to work out on my Schwinn recumbent bike, I’ve lost weight and I've kept it off. My whole family enjoys the exercise bike. My sister in ROTC uses it while on school breaks to keep up with her fitness routines. My brother has lost 30 pounds this year by incorporating the Schwinn exercise bike into his routine! My father has diabetes and bought the bike to help improve his physical health. He's down three clothing sizes and has managed his diabetes without the use of insulin thus far. That's thanks in part to the use of a really versatile exercise bike like the Schwinn.

I always work up a sweat when I work out on my Schwinn recumbent exercise bike. I feel a good burn in my muscles at the end of a ride. The only thing I wish it came with was a convenient place to put a water bottle.

We've had the Schwinn exercise bike for about two years. It has a book rest, which is great for when I want to work on my college studies. It's also great to be able to feel good about watching TV!

I definitely push myself every time I ride. I feel awesome about my body and the exercise definitely helps boost my mood. The reclining position is great for people with knee problems, like my family, as well as households with people at lots of different exercise levels.

I highly recommend Schwinn recumbent exercise bikes to anyone looking to get into great shape and lose weight.

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