Schwinn Indoor Pro Cycling Bike

by Feenixgate
(Miami, FL )

I am a part-time spinning instructor with approximately ten years of experience. During this time, I have used different exercise bikes that have been designed to be used in indoor cycling scenarios. Out of all these bikes, I have used Schwinn exercise bikes the most.

If you’re an outdoor cyclist looking to maintain your training during wet days or winter months, a Schwinn indoor pro cycle is an investment worth looking into. If you are a spinning aficionado who is juggling various roles and responsibilities but does not want to miss out on the benefits spinning provides, this is also an investment for you.

I my opinion, Schwinn indoor pro cycling bicycles have lived up to their prestigious name. If you do not what I am referring to: Schwinn is a well known manufacturer for outdoor bicycles. The Schwinn indoor cycling bicycles are easy to use.

The model I have used, has wheels on the front part of the frame that allows you to tip the bike on them to facilitate moving it. The Schwinn exercise bike has three different adjustments: handle bar height, seat height up and down, and seat front and back. Both the handle bar height and seat height adjust up and down using a push pin method (turn the knob to loosen it, pull it out to release the pin, adjust the height to the correct hole, release the pin, and tighten the knob). The seat front and back use a pressurized knob. The exercise bike also allows for different pedal variations.

As for the resistance, Schwinn indoor pro bikes provide various levels. Though it does not have any numeration, they are easy to use. Just turn left to take off resistance and right to add resistance. If you need to stop for any reason, just push down. The knob is capable of turning several times to the right to allow for different levels.

In the end, Schwinn indoor pro bikes are easy to use and the perfect alternative for those wanting to receive the benefits of cycling outdoors or taking an indoor cycling class in the comfort of their home.

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