Pros And Cons Of The Atkins Diet

by Lauren

I'm sure many of you, since you’re on this site, have either tried or heard of the Atkins diet. The pros list is a lot shorter than the con list, so I’ll start there.

I lost weight! I guess technically speaking I’m obliged to say the Atkins diet program worked for me. In 1 month I lost 21 pounds with Atkins, and of course with exercise. But I will never do that diet ever again!

The first few days weren’t too bad. I was determined to lose weight so the bad tasting Atkins diet food - especially the pancakes and extra dry no carb bread didn’t faze me at first. After a week and a half though a slice of pizza was all I was craving and a Snickers bar looked like heaven to me. That’s how the Atkins diet taught me depriving yourself of something is not the way to diet!

Eating all the nasty tasting no carb Atkins food just made me miss eating regular food and it really made me struggle with staying on the diet. And if it wasn’t for the rapid weight loss I would have been off it in a heartbeat! But I stuck with it, regrettably.

Let me make this clear, sports and the Atkins diet program DO NOT MIX WELL. I am a tennis player, a sport of quick bursts of energy happening very often. Basically you need ALOT of energy to play.

While on the Atkins diet I was dead on the tennis court, I had no energy to keep running back and forth and it was beginning to become a hassle to even lift my racket up. Two times in the month that I was on the Atkins diet plan I was close to passing out because my body was so deprived of energy.

So my advice is to go ahead and try the Atkins diet program, but only stay on it for a short amount of time! If you really want to lose weight, eat healthy earth-natural foods, drink ALOT of water and exercise on a regular basis.

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