Precor Elliptical Trainer Is Top Of The Line

by Sarah Six
(Superior, WI USA)

The Precor Elliptical Trainer EFX 546i is truly top of the line. I have been exercising with elliptical trainers for five years and have never found a machine that even compares to the quality of the Precor elliptical machine.

The first difference between a Precor elliptical and other ellipticals is apparent in the size and sturdy design of the machine. Other home fitness elliptical trainers tend to sacrifice stability for a smaller size. The Precor machine maintains a solid width that prevents wobbling or swaying while running. This is especially important while trying to maintain balance on the machine.

The adjustable stride of the Precor elliptical trainer allows for comfortable movement and prevents unnecessary knee strain. I often found with other less quality models of elliptical trainers that my knees would hurt before my workout was complete. The Precor elliptical is the perfect machine to engage in a low impact cardio workout.

The adjustable tread elevation is perfect for working different muscle groups and achieving an all over toned look. I found that the programmed course intervals were especially successful in helping me to stay focused and provided a varied routine that allowed me to run longer than cheaper elliptical trainers. I would often change my pace and intensity with each change in the preprogrammed course which allowed me to rest during slower portions and achieve longer, consistent times in my workout.

Overall I firmly believe Precor is the leader in the elliptical trainer market. Although the price is considerable compared to cheaper models, the comfort and expertise of the machine are well worth the investment. I lost significantly more weight with my Precor elliptical trainer than with cheaper machines.

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