P90X Workout - Not For Slackers

by Sean

If you are a person who joins a gym and goes a few times a week and walks on the treadmill then the p90x extreme home fitness program is not for you. In fact, there are many people who the P90X workout isn't designed for.

Considering my background in college football and my workout ethic I believed this fitness program would be a cake walk. Let me tell you, it kicked my butt! All I have to say is I have a new respect for people who can do a 1hr 45min yoga session (Yoga X).

I made it about 30 days before I fell off the P90X wagon. I hope to jump back on board soon. It is the most intense workout ever.

I have used many different fitness videos and workout programs that claimed I would get ripped abs in 5 minutes or become fit overnight. P90X doesn't say you will get huge overnight. In fact they don't have to guarantee anything. The reviews by people who have actually completed the entire 90 day program was enough for me.

Move over Tae Bo, there's a new top dog on the market. The greatest part about the P90X fitness program is it gives you a nutrition guide to go along with the workout. It’s not just a "do 100 sit ups and you'll be ripped deal". Instead, P90X actually helps you change your lifestyle in order to become more healthy and fit.

I would highly recommend the P90X workout to anyone looking for a challenging and intense fitness program.

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