P90X Will Give You Results With Hard Work

by Marcos

I am a basketball player, and while I have always been in great cardiovascular shape, I have never had much muscle mass. My coach, a former big time college star had been using the P90X fitness program for a while, and he had gotten back into the shape he was in a decade earlier.

He was so enthused by this that he forced me to start the P90X workout as part of my strength training last summer, which he proposed would bulk me up if I ate a ton and drank protein shakes.

My expectations going into the P90X program were pretty modest. Every time I turned on the TV I had seen some gimmick of a "shake weight" or "10 minutes a week" program that said it would turn anybody into Arnold Schwartzanegger in a few months. I was naturally skeptical about P90X, and I assumed that as a high level athlete it would be a breeze to do this training; after all the video started out looking like one of my mother's "Buns of Steel" videos.

I was shocked as the small, compact, smug man in the P90X video wore me down with simple exercises that tested me to the limits. After following the P90X program for a few weeks, I did start to feel stronger and did have a noticeable addition of muscle mass. In addition, I was running circles around the rest of the team during scrimmages.

After around 60 days I went on vacation and ended the P90X program. I had added a substantial amount of strength, and looked chiseled but not massive. The most profound effect I found was in the way I felt! I was more energized, and felt like a miniature superman everywhere I went, including on the basketball court.

I have to admit, the P90X workout was difficult enough that I doubt I could have done it in my home with nobody watching to keep me from being lazy and skipping parts of it or quitting. I would recommend the P90X fitness program to any self motivated person who wants to improve the way they feel and isn’t afraid of hard work.

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