P90X Success Story

by Tammy

I started the P90X workout in 2009 to lose weight. My brother and I bought it online and chose to do the P90X Lean Cycle. When we started it, we were very consistent, doing it every day and eating much healthier. We started to lose weight...about 1-2 pounds a week and kept going all summer. My brother lost 60 pounds and I lost 20 pounds in 2 months. We were both happy with those results.

The thing I liked most about the P90x fitness program was the variation of DVDs and workouts. I loved how you didn’t do the same workout every day and that the cycles changed every three weeks to different ones. I liked that we had to do Yoga X every week and that stretching was an option. I liked the different workouts, like Kenpo (Kenpo X) and Plyometrics (Plyo X).

I do wish that Plyo X was on the P90X Lean Cycle. At least at the end because it’s a very good workout - I still do it some days while off the program. I loved the Cardio X workout and how it incorporated yoga into it and that it was fairly short. I also loved the warm ups and the cool downs that were used to start and finish each P90X workout.

I wish that the Yoga X workout wasn't so long. It made me want to not do it even though it was such a good workout in the end. I also wish the P90X nutrition plans weren’t so complicated and were a little easier to follow. I think many people can also agree that Tony Horton can get pretty irritating and that the mute option on the DVDs is pretty essential.

The P90X extreme home fitness program is definitely a great workout for someone who wants to get serious results. One hour a day was pretty simple and the Sundays off was nice also. Overall...P90X is a great fitness program! I have recommended it before and will keep doing so.

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