P90X Is Tough

by Danny
(New Jersey)

I was 260 pounds, 5'10 when I first tried doing the P90x program with a friend of mine. My goal was to lose 60 pounds.

In the beginning I felt a bit awkward because I didn't exercise much, if at all, and watching a bunch of fit people on a DVD and trying to do what they did was a weird experience as well.

Anyway, I remember following the P90X DVDs for at least a couple weeks. The P90X workouts were easy to perform, but, they make you do a LOT of work and by the end of the DVD left you feeling sore and dead tired. Maybe it was just me, but that was how I felt.

I started losing weight within the first week and more in the second week. Sadly though, after awhile I was unable to stick to the P90X fitness program because I started getting lazy and sore. So I guess it was my fault I gained the weight back.

From my short experience with the P90X program, I must say it was giving me decent results. So my advice to those out there is to stick with it once you start and don't be lazy like I was.

Since then, I've dropped to 238 pounds by simply changing my diet and walking 10-20 minutes a day. I feel stronger than before mentally and physically and will soon give the P90X workout another try and hopefully stick to it this time.

I'll make a mental note to write another review if things go better this time around. Wish me luck!

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