P90X Is The Toughest Workout Ever...But Very Rewarding

by John
(Las Vegas, NV)

It was May of 2010 and I had a vacation planned to go to Mexico (on in the beach) in November. I considered myself to be in decent shape but needed to lose about 10 pounds and wanted to be more muscularly defined in order to hang out on the beach without an inkling of self doubt. That is when I discovered the P90X fitness program.

The first thing that blew me away was the P90X fitness test. I’ve never heard of having to pass a fitness test to start a workout program. I thought to myself "wow, did I just spend money to do something I physically won’t be able to do?" I did pass the test at a satisfactory level and started the P90X workouts.

I really enjoyed the variety of all the different exercises P90X offers. I also like the fact that I didn’t need a gym full of equipment to do the workouts. The different P90X workouts are great as well.

With the P90X fitness program, there are different workouts that lead to different results. If you want to be more defined, there is a workout with more cardio and less weight training. If you want to develop more muscle mass, there is a workout with more weight training and less cardio. I chose the former seeing that I really did not want to bulk up.

Another thing I really liked about P90X was that Tony Horton always displayed the less advanced moves for beginners. This made me feel better about not being able to complete some of the moves that well.

There are a few small gripes I have about the P90X workout. First is the fact that it is a long workout, sometimes an hour and twenty minutes. Second, the Yoga X video is quite advanced and extremely long. And last, Tony Horton can be a bit annoying, especially after a month - six days a week.

Overall I did get the body I want though...thanks to the P90X extreme home fitness program.

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