P90X Is A Good Intermediate Fitness Program

by John Phelan
(Tempe, Arizona, USA)

I’ve used the P90X extreme home fitness program, and for me, it was a little too easy. The program itself does require you to be in pretty decent shape. You cannot (or shouldn’t) jump right into it if you are out of shape or just barely getting back into shape. Instead, it works as a good intermediate fitness program for those who are already in some amount of shape.

Overall, the P90X fitness program is more concerned with body sculpting and appearance than true fitness, but it will get you into good shape. I had been doing a more advanced workout program before I tried P90X, so I found most of the workouts too easy.

In my opinion, the best workout, and the one that I will use again, is the Yoga X workout. However, the Yoga workout is 90 minutes long (all the others are 45 minutes to an hour).

The second best P90X workout was the Plyo X, which is a plyometrics workout. It does a good job of working cardiovascular conditioning with explosive power - just make sure you have enough room as you may hit your head with a low ceiling.

The X Stretch routine is also worthwhile if you lack flexibility.

Overall, I'd recommend the P90X fitness program for someone who has gotten past the beginning stage of fitness and wants to move on to an intermediate stage. However, once you've conquered the P90X workouts, you will be prepared to tackle other fitness programs that are even more challenging and provide even greater results.

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