NutriSytem Diet Was Awful

by Rob Ramirez
(Reno, Nevada USA)

I ordered the Nutrisystem weight loss program a couple months ago and never went back after that first order.

I liked the idea of having healthy food delivered to me; however, the price was a little steep. I paid a little over $300 for the first month and the Nutrisystem foods included breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks a day.

I was happy at first because I was able to pick the Nutrisystem foods I wanted; however, there was not a lot to pick from in each category (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner). After I ordered the food it arrived pretty fast, I believe 1-1/2 weeks. When I received my food, it also came with a nutrition guide and extra help packets with a calendar.

It seemed like a lot of food, but it really wasn't. If I wanted to fill up I could have gone to the store and bought extra fruits and veggies if needed. If I would have bought the extra fruits and veggies then I was looking at another $40 a month or more.

It seemed like a lot of the Nutrisystem food came in a soup form. Some were good and some were really nasty. The deserts were really dry and the hamburgers and hot dogs looked like they aged 100 years. After looking at the food and what they gave me, I decided I could eat way more and lower or match the calories they gave me.

The food included in the Nutrisystem diet also has a lot of sodium which can lead to higher blood pressure as we all know. Needless to say, I wasn't a fan of the whole Nutrisystem program.

I suggest if you try this weight loss program to do the one month order and not the auto reorder which automatically charges your credit card for the next month. This way, you can at least try the Nutrisystem program and its food to see if you like it.

Now I simply eat fresh, healthy meals and I get to eat a lot more then the Nutrisystem diet provided.

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