Nutrisystem Worked After My Pregnancy

by Jessica

After I had my first son, I could not lose the last 9 pounds. My dad was on the Nutrisystem diet at the time and he was losing weight so I thought I would give it a try. I was working 60 hour weeks so it was hard to diet or even shop for that matter, so the prepackaged Nutrisystem food seemed easy...and it was.

I was on the Nutrisystem diet plan for around two months. The Nutrisystem program is really easy. First you go online and pick out all the foods you want, which are breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack for each day.

You also have to eat a certain amount of fruit, vegetables and yogurt each day. I only ate them if I still felt hungry after the packaged Nutrisystem meals. You also have to do at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. All I did was load up my baby in the stroller and go for walks.

Almost all of the packaged Nutrisystem food had good flavors, a few were not excellent but they were not repulsive either. When you get your box of food it also comes with a little booklet to make sure you eat everything you need each day (or don't eat too much).

The ONLY thing I did not like with the Nutrisytem diet program was sometimes after you chose the food for your order, it goes out of stock and normally they send you a replacement item in its place.

I did crave soda a lot so I 'made' my own to have with my meals. I would buy soda water and add Splenda and lime juice to make a lemon-lime type soda.

I lost all my weight in those two months. Overall, I’m happy with the results I got with Nutrisystem. I think it’s is a good diet program to be that will help you lose weight if you stick with it.

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