NutriSystem Went Well At First

by Rhonda
(Trenton, NJ )

I used the Nutrisystem diet about three years ago. I have tried several diet and exercise plans. NutriSystem was good for me because the meals were prepared and ready. You simply pick which plan you want and the meals are sent to you. They are packaged and ready to go, even snacks are included.

The problem with the Nutrisystem program is that no thought is required. I lost the ability to know how to eat. Obviously this is not something I can blame on that solely. I have the ability to learn good foods versus bad foods. I can monitor calorie intake.

However, if you are very busy, you will undoubtedly rely on the NutriSystem meals to do your thinking for you. You will not take the time to learn and change your eating habits the way you would for another type of diet plan. You begin to rely solely on the NutriSystem meals. When you stop ordering the meals, you wind up putting the weight back on.

The other issue is that the Nutrisystem diet and its meals quickly become pricey. The Nutrisystem foods are great and taste pretty good.

It is important to remember that the Nutrisystem diet plan is what you make of it. I did not always make the best of it and my results reflected that. I have been considering trying the Nutrisystem weight loss program again.

NutriSystem is a wonderful diet program if you are diabetic. My mother used the program and had great success. She lost over forty pounds and was able to bring her diabetes under control. She was on the Nutrisystem diet plan for about five months.

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