NutriSystem Combined With A Workout Program Works

by Laura
(Jacksonville, NC, USA)

I went on the NutriSystem diet because I needed to lose a little weight. I am not obese so I find that in order to lose weight I have to really cut my caloric intake while seriously increasing my physical output. I only used NutriSystem for one month. I probably would have used it longer but I find it to be fairly expensive.

Although NutriSystem offers plans which will give you 7 days free, you have to sign up for a recurring delivery which keeps you on the plan for at least two months. I didn't follow the diet exactly; there was a lot of literature that I kind of skimmed so I didn't realize I was supposed to supplement the NutriSystem diet with fresh fruits and vegetables.

In the month I was on the plan I didn't eat anything except what came in the plan. It was easier to stick with than I expected because there was ample food, however I found the pre-planned NutriSystem meals which you can order online to include a good number of items I didn't think I would like, so I ended up selecting all the items I wanted. That took a little extra time when ordering but I thought it was worth it so I didn't get something I knew I wouldn't eat.

I didn't find the granola bars and breakfast bars to be very good tasting and I thought the muffins were dry so not very good either. I hear that they have since changed the recipe on the muffins making them taste better. All the NutriSystem food was easy to make, basically you pop it in the microwave.

Although you could eat out once a week in a restaurant or simply make your own meals on that one day, I didn't choose to do that. I was on the plan during the summer and there were no special occasions or holidays that I encountered.

In addition to the NutriSystem diet plan, I did a workout program called Fitdeck which includes things like push-ups, squats, jumping jacks and other military style exercises. That took me about 45 to 50 minutes per day and I did an additional 45-60 minutes of aerobic activity each day as well.

I ended up losing about 15 pounds during the one month and it stayed off for over a year. I would recommend the NutriSystem diet program but really for shorter time periods such as a month or two. I felt the best thing I got out of NutriSystem was a whole new concept of what portion sizes should be. It's a good diet program but definitely pricey.

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