Nordic Track Treadmill C900

by Michael Glover
(Pensacola, FL USA)

My wife and I started shopping for treadmills at the end of November, 2010. One of my first stops was Sears. Having bought an elliptical trainer from them before, I was satisfied.

I did my initial research online and narrowed it down to two brands. The Nordic Track treadmill was number one. I had the choice among four different treadmills: the T8.0, the 2550, the 2750, and the C900. My money was initially on the T8.0, but no display models were available at the store. We thought the 2550 would be it, but I read up on some fairly negative reviews. Back to the hunt.

I narrowed it down to the Nordic Track treadmill C900 at that point. It was new, it wasn't reviewed much, but it was also $300 off and a current model for Nordic Track. My wife and I tried the treadmill at the store and were quite pleased. We placed our order and I picked it up a week later.

This treadmill is a heavy beast, but I was able to corral it into our newly designated workout room. Assembly took me about 2 hours with a hand from my wife. It assembled fairly easily and the instructions were easy to follow.

We've been using our Nordic Track treadmill daily for a month and haven't had any issues. The belt is unresponsive below 3 miles per hour, but this is typical with all home treadmills. The biggest disappointment was not being able to enter age and weight like most gym treadmills, but the calorie counter is close to accurate.

I would recommend the Nordic Track treadmill C900 to anyone looking to buy a treadmill and spend less than $1100 on it. It’s well worth the money.

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