My Success With The Suzanne Somers Diet

by Greg

A few years ago, my wife and I were at a Christmas party for my wife’s work and the subject of dieting came up. One of the women that works with my wife mentioned that she had tried the Suzanne Somers diet the previous summer to help her get a nicer figure for a cruise she and her husband were taking, and lost over 40 lbs in less than 3 months. She also mentioned that it was the easiest diet she had ever tried in the past because it only involved eliminating a few food items and combining meals rather than keeping track of your calorie intake like most diets require.

Granted, my wife has never had to worry about her figure, but I on the other hand, have always had to work to maintain a flat stomach and eliminate my "beer belly". So, I decided I would try the Suzanne Somers diet program because it sounded simple enough to get started. I will say that the diet worked for me in terms of overall weight loss (I ended up losing almost 37 pounds over a four month period), but it was a lot more work than I had originally anticipated for a number of reasons.

First, I didn’t realize until AFTER I had purchased one of the Suzanne Somers diet books that it restricted calcium intake so much. I am, and always have been, a yogurt and milk person. I do not drink coffee on a regular basis, but when I wake up in the morning I always have a glass of milk with my breakfast, and yogurt was always a daily snack for me in between meals. I think this was the most difficult part for me because the diet makes it clear from the beginning that there are NO EXCEPTION foods, and that you cannot splurge, so to speak, and eat these items even once a day.

Basically, the Suzanne Somers diet focuses on getting rid of all the foods with high glycemic index through proper meal planning. There are pros and cons to every diet, but I think this diet’s pros far outweigh the cons in my opinion.

Another difficult part of the Suzanne Somers diet plan (not too bad once you get used to it though), is waiting at least three hours in between your meals. This may not prove to be as hard for those who don’t snack a lot in between meals, but I was definitely not one of those people before trying this diet. So until I got used to it, I found my tummy growling at me a lot!

Now, that being said, I did absolutely LOVE the fact that I could eat as much as I wanted as long as I ate the right food groups together. For example, I could eat a steak salad with as much dressing as I pleased (and it didn’t have to be low-fat dressing!), as long as I combined this salad with meat only and NOT the traditional "piles" of toppings on my salad like tons of cheese and carrots, etc. So, getting used to this diet was not a piece of cake for me, but it can be done if the motivation is there.

Another good quality about the Suzanne Somers diet is the fact that you can eat lots of fresh fruits, which have always been my favorite "finger" foods. Nonetheless, you need to try and remember to eat fruit alone (meaning, not with other meals), and on an empty stomach. I honestly thought it was pretty easy to stick to it once I got my meal routine down though. Not only that, but I began to feel better once I had been on the diet for a few weeks because I was eating healthier foods.

I had been previously diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (mainly due to the types of foods I was eating on a regular basis), and I did find that the diet helped tremendously in improving my digestive function.

One thing I didn’t think the diet helped me with was exercise. However, most diets that focus on weight loss don’t necessarily emphasize lots of exercise. Luckily, I have always exercised regularly to help stay in good shape, but the Suzanne Somers diet doesn’t touch on this subject a whole lot. So if you are going to try this diet I would say to at least try and exercise two or three days a week with an emphasis on cardio workout. In my mind, exercise is important not just for weight loss, but mainly because it releases endorphins, helps relax your body and muscle groups, and helps relieve stress, which make you feel good and better about yourself; giving you more energy and helping you maintain the motivation to keep going with your diet plan.

I was on this Suzanne Somers diet program for a little less than two years and still try to maintain some of its general rules; although I have not been on what I would consider a "strict" approach to the diet in awhile.

For those of you who are looking for a diet that allows you to eat a lot of different foods, I would highly recommend at least trying the Suzanne Somers diet because it did help me lose weight and eat healthier. Hope this review helps!

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