My South Beach Diet Failure

by Lin
(East Providence, RI, USA)

Several years ago I wanted to get into a better eating regimen, but I didn’t know where or how to begin. I did not want to go on a diet, because I was told so many times that diets fail. I had heard several people talking about the South Beach diet and how successful they were on it. After a few weeks of listening to everyone rave about the diet, I thought I would give it a try.

I only decided to try the South Beach diet plan because so many people were telling me that it is something you can use as a kick start to eating healthy, and that you do not have to live the rest of your life on the diet schedule. To me, that was a big selling point. I bought the South Beach diet book, and read it over the next couple weeks. I did not want to jump right into following the guidelines until I knew the entire plan and potential outcomes.

After reading what I thought was plenty of information, I began the diet. I realized that I would need to really dive into the diet, rather than tweaking any of it to suit my tastes. I wanted to get the most out of it so when I did decide to venture out on my own, I would have enough knowledge and experience to stick to healthier eating.

The first few days of the South Beach diet program went very well. I am a huge sweets eater, and I actually did not miss much of my favorites. I could see from future excerpts that the diet allows you to eat sweet tasting foods, so I wasn’t too worried. It also kept me extremely full. I was surprised at how full my stomach was at the end of the day. Eating so much protein was new to me, but I knew that I would end up feeling energized from it.

I followed every instruction perfectly, stayed away from the evil carbs and other naughty foods. I liked what the South Beach diet had to offer as compared to the more restrictive Atkins diet plan.

However, after five days of not eating carbs, I ended up feeling very weak. I didn’t realize at the time that the reason was because of my lack of sugars. One morning, when I was making my spinach and egg breakfast, I felt like I was going to pass out. I slid down the side of my stove, and sat on the floor feeling dizzy and weak. I called my friend and she told me to drink some orange juice, because it sounded like I was experiencing low blood sugar. I drank some juice and felt better within a very short amount of time.

After going to my doctor, I discovered that I have blood sugar/hyperglycemia problems. The South Beach diet exasperated a problem that I already had but didn’t know about.

I still believe the South Beach diet is a great one for those whose systems can handle it, but for anyone who has sugar issues, it may be better off left alone. The unbalanced menu can be problematic for anyone who needs certain nutritional elements in their diets.

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