My South Beach Diet Experience

by Alyssa
(Benton, AR, USA)

I decided to try the South Beach diet after my 2nd (and last) child was born. My daughter was 6 months old and my son had just had his 4th birthday. I figured "How hard can it be?"

Well, I'm a 'carb-o-holic' and the South Beach Diet plan was very difficult for me. If it hadn't been for my best friend at work, I would not have been able to stick to the diet at all. Laura and I took turns bringing lunch to share for 4 months.

With the diet restrictions and my own personal tastes to consider, I felt that I mostly ate the same old thing over and over. There were special South Beach Diet snacks that I could purchase but I thought they were too expensive. I did try some new recipes and tried to branch out to eat different things but often came back to the same stuff to eat.

I stuck with the South Beach Diet program for 4 months and lost 65 pounds! That in itself is something to be proud of. I was also proud of myself for following through with something from start to finish and also meeting the goal I set for myself.

I would like to say that I still have managed to keep all that weight off, but that would not be true. I could not follow the South Beach Diet 'lifestyle' forever and have gone back to 'the dark side - carbs' with more fervor than I should.

I think that the South Beach Diet plan was a great help to get the weight off and it took several years to let it creep back on. I have since tried to use this diet again but could not muster the strength and endurance to fight my carb cravings to get me losing weight and motivated to stay on the plan.

The South Beach Diet is a great tool but I would not consider it a lasting solution to weight management. To anyone wishing to use this diet to lose a significant amount of weight, stick with it - be strong.

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