My Review Of The Weight Watchers Diet Program

by Erica
(North Carolina)

I have followed the Weight Watchers Diet a few times. My most recent experience with the program was back when I was in college (about 16 years ago) and I lost about 40 pounds following the Weight Watchers program.

Weight Watchers offers great support and tools, and obviously, their program works if you use it right. Since the program changes frequently (when I was on it in college, they were using a point system, however I was also on it when I was a teenager, and back then they were using an exchange system) it's hard for me to know what they're doing now. But based on my experiences, the program does work.

However you must follow the Weight Watchers program and take advantage of the support available to you. A big decision you’ll have is whether you want to do the Weight Watchers Online program or go to the Weight Watchers meetings. Attending the meetings can cost a lot of money in weekly meeting fees, not to mention time spent traveling to and from the meetings.

When I went off the Weight Watchers Diet program the last time, it wasn't because I was dissatisfied with my results…I was pleased with the results I was getting. The problem was, I did not have a lot of time to attend the meetings, nor did I have the money for the weekly meeting fees.

Though I tried to follow the program after I stopped attending the Weight Watchers meetings, I unfortunately wasn't able to and the pounds came back on.

What I want to convey here is that whether you choose Weight Watchers or another diet program is up to you - you need to make that decision based on your budget, and the amount of time you're willing to invest in using the program correctly.

Good luck!

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