My Annoyance With Weight Watchers

by Amber
(Anoka, MN)

After my first child was born I did fine with losing the weight I had gained. Three years later, after having my second child I did fine as well. The problem was that two years after that I started packing on the pounds again.

I am stay at home mom and I love junk food. When my clothes stopped fitting I decided to try the Weight Watchers diet like my step-sister. At first it seemed great. It was fairly easy to follow.

I did not go to any Weight Watchers meetings in person, instead I chose to do the Weight Watchers online meetings that they offer. This worked better for me since I have a hard time finding a babysitter.

What I like about the Weight Watchers diet program is that it’s fairly basic. You count calories and you know how many you are allowed to have each day.

What I ended up getting tired of with the Weight Watchers diet plan was the constant counting…and the points are no different. I found it frustrating that if I didn't plan ahead or forgot to bring a snack with me some place that if I was hungry and 'cheated' that it felt like my plan was off for the rest of the day. So I always got frustrated and figured I already blew my points so why not eat what I want now and start counting again tomorrow.

Overall, I found that the Weight Watchers diet involved a lot of ups and downs for me. I would do great for awhile, then get frustrated and stop counting for a few days. It’s a good diet program, but you definitely have to plan ahead and be prepared to consistently count your calories or points.

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