Medifast...Fast Results, But Can You Keep With It?

by Al
(San Diego, CA, USA)

I liked the Medifast diet program because I didn’t have too much thinking to do with it. By that I mean counting points, calories, fats, and carbs all day long.

I did the 5 & 1 Medifast diet plan. This is the plan that the majority of Medifasters do. What this means is that you eat five of their meals and one "Lean and Green" meal that you prepare yourself each day. There are also optional snacks—one a day if you need it— soy crisps or crackers (about 60 calories) that you buy from them or celery or pickles.

I’m sure what everyone wants to know is how is the Medifast diet food? Contrary to popular belief, Medifast is not a liquid diet. Shakes are certainly available, but there are bars, puddings, brownies, eggs, soups and more to choose from, plus lots of recipes out there to doctor things up.

I spent a lot of time on the Medifast forums online and it’s funny how one person’s favorite Medifast meal is another person’s most hated. Most people agree that the bars are good. I liked most of them. I could get in my chocolate fix and when I was tired of my favorites, I even occasionally ordered a box of lemon or strawberry to mix things up. It’s nice to have something to crunch on. For that reason, I also liked the pretzels and cheese puffs.

Over about four months, I lost 55 pounds with the Medifast diet program. I picked up an addiction to diet soda (not recommended by the powers that be, but with zero calories, I felt that the pick-me-up was justifiable).

I didn’t follow the prescribed maintenance plan and due to external factors in my life, (including a major bout of depression) gradually stopped following the Medifast diet plan strictly and then at all. So...after another eight months, I am back to where I started.

Medifast is really effective if you stick with it, and it does teach you how to eat real food again and what to eat at restaurants. This diet plan is not for everybody, but it’s the answer to some people’s prayers.

At first it looks expensive, but you are not buying fancy Starbucks drinks or going to fast food, so it sort of balances out. Do the "Take Shape For Life" program and you will be assigned a Health Coach for support and will get discounts on Medifast diet food orders as well as free shipping and rewards.

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