Lost 35 Pounds With The Atkins Diet

by Clare

I went on the Atkins diet when I was really overweight, well obese, and I got great results from it. I weighed about 190 pounds when I started it and lost 35 lbs in about 3 months.

My whole experience with the Atkins diet was generally very good. I was excited to try it so I really got into trying new recipes, and the permitted foods were foods that I enjoyed so it was pretty easy for me. I did find that the foods I ate got a little too similar after a while, but this didn’t matter so much because the diet really changed the way I felt about food.

I wasn't looking for junk foods to snack/binge on all the time; I just ate when I was hungry, and enough to satisfy myself, and that was it. The Atkins diet definitely reduced my appetite and cravings, and I was rarely hungry in between meals, in fact I often wasn’t even hungry at mealtimes, though I always made sure to eat three meals a day to help keep my metabolism going.

The Atkins diet plan became very easy to stick to after the first few weeks and just became second nature; I hardly thought about foods that I ‘wasn’t allowed to eat’. However, I found that on the couple of occasions that I did deviate from the Atkins diet (ex. Christmas), my cravings for carbs would come flooding back and knock me off the wagon.

I would not recommend the Atkins diet program to people who don't have a lot of weight to lose. As my weight got lower and lower the effects slowed down. And when I tried the diet again after a couple of years of maintaining a much lower weight, I saw no results at all.

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