Lifetime Elliptical Trainers Are Excellent

by Jen Rogers
(Champaign, Illinois)

We use the Lifetime Elliptical Trainers here at the University of Illinois gyms. I am 21 years old but have been using this equipment for the past 3 years and have had pretty good results.

Overall, I feel like these elliptical machines are extremely high quality. They have a variety of different language options which is really important for a big international school such as this. I just use the manual mode, yet there are plenty of other options available. I use manual because then I can set my time preferences depending on my day's other activities - and the levels can be increased at my own frequency.

The only real complaint I have about the Lifetime Elliptical Trainers is that some of the models we have do not seem to really adjust differently depending on levels. So, on some machines, a 1 intensity level would seem the same as a 5 intensity level. That’s really my only complaint about these elliptical trainers.

Overall the Lifetime Elliptical Trainer is a great brand and I like that it gives you flexibility with your personal workout. Our elliptical trainers also have TVs on them which is an added benefit!

I feel like these elliptical machines really work my legs, arms, and abs. Since I have seen good results, I would definitely recommend the Lifetime brand to others.

My general elliptical workout routine is doing the first five minutes as an easy warm up on level 1. I then increase the intensity to level 2 for the next ten minutes, and then if I am not getting tired I will continue to increase every ten minutes. Sometimes when I am half way done I will gradually decrease the intensity. I end the work out all the time by pressing the handy cool down button.

In my opinion, the Lifetime Elliptical Trainer is an excellent piece of fitness equipment that is easy to use, comfortable and provides me with a great workout.

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