Life After Doing The Atkins Diet

by Alexandra
(Chilliwack, BC, Canada)

I have tried very many diets - and this is yet another one that has not worked for me. I am by no means overweight, but, I do need to lose a few extra pounds. Can I just ad that I HATE exercising? I know - you have to exercise, but I work two jobs, and have absolutely no motivation to go home, change and then go to the gym.

Anyway, I recently tried the Atkins diet - which actually works - for a little while. I never bought any books, and everything I learned, I got off the Atkins forums. I bought sweetener to use in my drinks, I bought Ketostix (to see if I was in ketosis) and started eating only proteins.

In the first stage of the Atkins diet you can only have 20 carbs a day. This is quite hard considering even gum has carbs in it.

The Atkins diet works, and you lose weight, but it's hard to stick to eating nothing but protein. It also gets expensive if you start buying varieties of beef, pork, chicken, turkey, sausages, deli slices, canned fish, fresh fish, frozen fish, etc.

In total, I was on Atkins for a little over 4 weeks and lost 12 pounds. I'm pretty sure I didn't phase myself out of the diet correctly, because I started bingeing on carbs - like toast and cereal as soon as I finished. So, after about a week, I gained back 4 pounds!

I think the Atkins diet is worth a try, but definitely not a lifestyle change!

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