Jenny Craig, There Are Better Choices

by Carol
(Lansing, MI)

I had been over weight since my mid twenties. After I got married and had kids I ballooned to a very large and uncomfortable size. My poor eating habits when I was a kid finally caught up to me in a most unattractive way.

I finally decided I needed to diet and I chose the Jenny Craig weight loss program simply because I had heard it advertised so much and it had been around a long time. I signed up and found it to be very expensive. But since I was already in the program I decided to stick with it for awhile and see what happened.

I lost weight at first because I was really good about sticking to the diet. However, the consultations at the Jenny Craig diet center were horrible and it seemed that they didn't care about you, just you spending more money.

The worst thing about the Jenny Craig diet was that it never teaches you how to eat healthy on your own, just to keep buying their food - that is expensive and not very good to begin with. If you have a lot of money to spend I would go with a gym membership and a personal trainer and just buy your own healthy food.

The Jenny Craig diet program seemed like a rip off from the moment they got their first payment. Their diet plan is basically just buy their food and lose weight…don't fall for it. I was very disappointed with Jenny Craig because it didn’t work and was very expensive.

The Jenny Craig weight loss program doesn’t really teach you anything about living a healthy lifestyle and they don't even encourage exercise. What kind of weight loss program doesn’t encourage exercise? In my opinion, one that’s only concerned about them and not you.

I don’t recommend the Jenny Craig diet at all.

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