It's Easy With Atkins, But...

by FB

In the spring of 2010 I went on the Atkins Diet. This was the second time for me and it has always been a diet that seemed to work for me. In a period of three months I was able to go from a BMI (body mass index) of 32 to a BMI of 27, with a weight loss of a little over 37 pounds.

My experiences, the good and the bad...

First of all, I would like to address if I feel that the diet is bad for your health. I had lots of fatty foods (never been big on vegetables anyway), almost no dairy, at least 5 eggs a day and all my vitamins and minerals came out of a jar. In general I would say that (in the short term) it did not negatively affect me. After completing the Atkins diet, I had my cholesterol and blood pressure checked, and got checked for diabetes. All values were excellent. Long term effects though are of course more difficult (if not impossible) to predict.

The first days into the Atkins diet I felt awful. I was weak, constantly cold, had headaches and was extremely tired. To me it was a definite case of sugar withdrawal symptoms. After a couple of days (about 4) I felt much better. The headaches disappeared, I almost never felt hungry and I had my cravings under control. The weakness and tiredness disappeared as well.

The thing I like about the Atkins Diet (or principals) is that it's so easy to follow as it is very clear in what you can and cannot eat. Regular low calorie diets basically don't work for me as I need to control my intake. To me it is much more difficult to eat let's say 1 sandwich (and limit myself) than to have no bread at all. Just like at a party where it is much easier to know you can't have any alcohol at all than to limit yourself to a single beer.

The number of foods you can have is very limited and it is very difficult to make combinations...and in that lies (in my opinion) the secret of the Atkins diet. Try having just steaks for 5 days and you'll see that you will be fed up with steaks pretty fast. You will also feel full pretty fast. If you would combine steaks and fries, you'd most likely eat much more calorie-wise.

I kept track of my daily calorie intake for a while, whilst not limiting my intake of carb-free foods. Adding all the calories together in my eggs, steaks, meatball etc, I would not eat more than 1500 calories a day, sometimes dropping below 1000. And I never felt hungry!

So basically the diet is filing and the food is "monotonous" that the desire to eat sort of disappears.

My advice: give the Atkins Diet a go and strictly follow the guidelines wavering whatsoever!

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