Intense Fun, Tight Bum With P90X

by Lisa
(Virginia, USA)

I tried the P90X videos after borrowing them from a friend. I'd already lost about thirty pounds by changing some eating habits and doing aerobics videos, but I wanted to add some strength training to my regimen to tighten my muscles up. I thought I was already in shape, but I was soon to discover the opposite!

The first video that I tried was the P90X chest, shoulders and triceps routine. I instantly fell in love with the timer at the bottom of the screen. It's nice to see each section as just a fraction of a minute, and it's incredible how quickly they all add up to the approximate forty-five minutes I spend working out.

I couldn't do a single push up on my knees the first time I tried this particular P90X video. I loved the format, though, so I didn't let myself get discouraged. It's reinforced several times to start where you are as an individual and avoid pushing yourself too hard and risking injury.

Each exercise targets a different area (chest, shoulders, or triceps) and the areas worked are rotated so the muscles aren't as easily fatigued as they do with some traditional weight training. The exercises were not easy! I decided to push through to the end of the video, though, and recorded my reps and weights like the instructor, Tony Horton, reminded me to do. He also gave me a few laughs with his dialogue and encouragement throughout each P90X workout.

I began to throw in a new P90X video once a week to go along with my regular routine of five mornings of cardio and one morning of yoga. I did Ab Ripper X, the short core-focused workout, two or three times per week. I saw my reps go up almost immediately with each time I repeated any of the routines.

My favorite P90X workout became the shoulders and arms routine, because it seems to go the most quickly, repeating exercises twice before moving onto another set of moves. The plyometrics video (Plyo X) was some of the most fun, challenging exercising I've ever done. It's always exciting to try something new and change up my routine. I would love to do the entire system as instructed for 90 days, however I really thrive on variety and even with so many videos, and I anticipate it would get monotonous quickly.

I struggle often with commitment to any particular eating plan or exercise program that requires an extended period of time without much change. I do appreciate that the P90X system is set up to slightly change every few weeks, and that rest periods are encouraged and scheduled. However, I love doing something completely different each day of the week and occasionally doing something I've never done before, like a new type of dance or martial arts.

My only other complaint with the P90X system is the yoga video (Yoga X). I do yoga often and have developed a strong spiritual practice relating to the asana and meditation. The P90X Yoga is much more tailored to the physical benefits of yoga, and that is appropriate for a workout system, however inappropriate for my personal yoga practice.

I will point out that while it was not only P90X that I used for cardio and strength training, after instituting it into my fitness routine, I lost another twenty pounds (making fifty total pounds lost) and have been noticing incredible definition in my muscles. My arms had started to get flabby with the fat loss, but the skin is tightening up around some harder, thicker muscles now. My back and shoulders are incredibly toned and look fantastic in a strapless dress, and I've got to credit the arm videos with P90X for this.

Overall, it's the P90X fitness program is a fantastic system with fun, challenging, and personalized workouts. The idea of keeping track of reps and weights is a great motivator as it allows you to see progress with every single workout. I believe that following the system's exercise schedule and eating plan would improve anyone's level of fitness and tone up muscles noticeably.

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