Thinking Of Buying The Image 190r Treadmill? This Review Will Help You Decide If This Is The Best Treadmill For You.

When looking for Image 190r Treadmill reviews you will quickly find that there are many reviews available. Not all of these reviews are good and many of them are simply reviews that have been copied from other sources. These treadmill reviews are not always of the highest quality. The issue here is not whether the information is accurate; it is that the information is all the same.

In order to help alleviate this issue, I have compiled a list of pros and cons for the Image 19.0r Treadmill in addition to a list of the most important features and a recommendation towards the end of the review. This treadmill review will help you make an informed and educated decision about this Image treadmill.

Image 19.0 R Treadmill Features and Specifications

  • User Weight Capacity - 300 lbs.

  • Belt - 19 x 55 inches.

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  • Motor - 2.8 Total HP.

  • Speed - 0 to 10 mph.

  • Incline - 1.5 to 10%.

  • Folding - Yes.

  • Heart Rate - Yes (Grip Pulse Sensors).

  • Heart Rate Control - No.

  • Wireless Chest Strap - No.

  • Programs - 6 Built in programs.

  • Display - Total distance, time, incline, pulse, calories, speed, pace.

  • Home Warranty - 10 years on motor, 90 days for everything else.

Image 19.0 R Treadmill Pros

The motor on the Image Treadmill 19.0 R is good for the price that you pay and it comes with a good warranty. Icon Fitness, the creators of the Image line of treadmills, apparently decided to outsource the creation of the motors overseas which results in a less expensive motor with a better quality than the same price you would get in the United States.

The value that you get for the money you spend on this treadmill is high. The system has a quality design for the price. It has a good belt size as well. It is not the largest treadmill and will not accommodate a lot of heavy running, but it is good for jogging and walking (like many belts on treadmills within this price range).

Image 19.0 R Treadmill Cons

Other than the warranty on the motor, the rest of the warranty is not solid at all. Once you are out of warranty, if your treadmill breaks you will find yourself on the rocks as far as customer service is concerned. This is no good considering the fact that the parts used to make this treadmill are not of the highest quality to begin with.

Though the Image 190r Treadmill has a good design, the parts are not high quality. This leads to problems. It is not enough to have a good design if the parts are ready to break or fall off of the treadmill at any moment.

Image 19.0 R Treadmill Reviews

I do not recommend the Image 190r Treadmill. It is nothing personal against this particular model or anything; it is simply the fact that most treadmills that cost under $1000 are likely to break or cease functioning properly.

This particular Image treadmill does not have the best warranty either, so when it breaks you will be left swinging in the wind as far as customer service is concerned. That is not a good place to find yourself in when we are talking about a big ticket item like a treadmill.

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