Image 175s Treadmill Review. If You're Thinking Of Buying An Image Treadmill...Read This Review First.

The many Image 175s Treadmill reviews that can be found on the Internet can be daunting. This is because there are simply so many of them out there that it can be very difficult to discern which of these are worth seeing and which ones aren't.

In this Image Treadmill review, I have compiled all of the information in one easy to find place. I have added a list of features and a list of pros and cons. In addition to these, there is a recommendation at the bottom of the review to help you in making your final decision whether or not to buy the Image 17.5 Treadmill.

Image 17.5s Treadmill Features and Specifications

  • 2.75 HP Motor.

  • 0-10 mph speed.

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  • 0-10% incline.

  • 18" x 52" running surface.

  • 6 standard workout programs.

  • Grip Pulse heart rate monitoring.

  • AirSoft cushioning.

  • Cooling fan.

  • 275 lbs. user weight.

  • Folding: yes.

  • 5 year warranty on motor; 90 days parts, labor.

Image 17.5s Treadmill Pros

The added features make the Image Treadmill 17.5s a great buy for the price. They added two additional programs in addition to the four that came standard on the previous models. This is useful and solves the problem with the programming on the earlier models. It also helps to stave off stagnation.

The extended warranty is awesome. I hated the fact that on the previous models, the warranty was only ninety days for everything. That is ridiculous. Treadmills are expensive. If I buy a treadmill and it breaks, I want to know that I can get it fixed by the company I bought it from easily.

Image 17.5s Treadmill Cons

I can't help but wonder if the extra 0.25 horsepower over the previous model contributed a lot of money to the price. That said, the warranty covers this issue as it adds a longer warranty onto the motor. But even so, the extra 0.25 hp does not make too much of a difference and you likely won't even notice that it has been added.

The Image Treadmill 17.5s cannot handle a ton of heavy use. If you want to jog or walk, it will be good. But it is not for long distance runners or endurance runners. The parts simply cannot handle the type of stress that would be induced by that kind of use.

Image 17.5s Treadmill Reviews

The Image 175s treadmill is a good choice. If you plan to do a lot of heavy running or extreme use, you might want to invest in a higher end model. If you plan to do light cardio such as jogging or walking, however, this is a great choice.

With regular care and maintenance it should last a few years. The low price when compared with other models makes this a good treadmill to choose if the features and pros match your needs as a user.

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